Partner country

Erasmus+ Partner Country – KA107

International Relations Office has been implementing the Erasmus + Partner Country Project for several years. On the basis of the submitted project, Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology received funding for the mobility of students and employees both to and from universities in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, United States, Georgia and India.

An exchange project with partner countries covers the following types of mobility:

  • student's arrivals/departures for the purpose of completing a part of studies as part of student exchange,
  • academic teachers' arrivals/departures in order to conduct classes, 
  • university employees's arrivals/departures for training purposes.

Students and staff coming to PBS from partner countries receive a grant (scholarship) from our university under the financial agreement signed by the Rector with the National Agency.

Recruitment for student/employee mobility under the KA107 agreement takes place simultaneously with recruitment for student/employee mobility to participating countries (KA103). The number of places and destinations depends on the funds allocated by the National Agency for a given academic year. This information can be obtained from the university Erasmus+ coordinator.

The rates for mobility with programme countries have been defined at European level and are valid for all programme countries. For Poland, the following rates apply:

KA107 Individual support (co-financing of living expenses related
to the stay in the host country)
Lump sum for travel
Students' arrivals from partner countries to Poland 800 EUR/month According to the distance calculator
Students' departures from Poland to partner countries 700 EUR/month According to the distance calculator
Employees' arrivals from partner countries to Poland 140 EUR/day According to the distance calculator
Employees' departures from Poland to partner countries 180 EUR/day According to the distance calculator

Limits for travel expenses are set by distance calculator.

Lump sum for travel costs:

10 to 99 km 20
100 to 499 km 180
500 to 1999 km 275
2000 to 2999 km 360
3000 to 3999 km 530
4000 to 7999 km 820
8000 km or more 1500

Partner universities


  • Azerbaijan State Agricultural University (Ganja)
  • Azerbaijan Architecture & Construction University (Baku)
  • Baku Engineering University (Baku)


  • Agricultural University of Georgia (Tbilisi)
  • Georgian Technical University (Tbilisi)
  • International Black Sea University LTD (Tbilisi)
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Tbilisi)
  • Gori State Teachning University (Gori)


  • Marwadi University
  • Gujarat Technological University


  • Khmelnitsky National University (Chmielnicki)
  • Lviv National Agrarian University (Lwów)
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University (Lwów)
  • Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Odessa)
  • National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”(Zaporoże)


  • Delaware State University (DE, Dover)
  • Tarleton State University (TX, Stephenville)
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NE, Lincoln)
  • East Carolina University (NC, Greenville) (tylko pracownicy)
  • Auburn University (AL, Auburn)